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Date: 2017-01-28 06:04 am (UTC)
Omgosh, Alien creeped me the hell out too as a kid. I stumbled upon some scene, but I think it was from the short-lived "alien" tv show, where an alien popped out of someone's stomach. Each time I was pregnant that scene would pop into my head. lol

The University I went to didn't have a further concentration within the English literature focus. They had English as the overarching major and then underneath that broader genre you had to choose a concentration between a focus in literature; focus in language/rhetoric, or a focus in Secondary Education.

So I had to study a couple of courses in everything really. British Lit, American Lit, Ancient literature and texts, Medival lit, neoclassical, renaissance, victorian, world literature, etc...Lots and lots of reading and writing. If I go for my master's, which I'm leaning towards doing sooner rather than later, that will be more concentrated, probably in women's studies/literature. My professors were really wanting me to pursue becoming a professor, which I'm still considering, just will take so long since I'd need my Masters and then up to 4 more years in school for a PhD. I really just want to write, but can't forsake practicality either. There are bills that must be paid. ;)
Middle english is quite a difficult one for sure. I had a professor who could speak it so well without even blinking. It was impressive. But often gave me a headache.

LJ definitely saved me from the mindless abyss that is facebook. I was feeling so very alone last year around this time. I felt so depressed and just wanted to connect in a real way with others, on a deeper level than facebook memes and 'likes'. I came back here last Feb and am never looking back. I'm so glad I came here, met my closest and dearest friend here, and a few others who I connect with. But no, I've yet to meet anyone here face-to-face yet. I do hope to meet at least one someday though. I'm so glad you found friendships that will last you a lifetime here. That's so wonderful. <3

I can tend to write a lot, so I'm glad it was okay, I just really appreciated your about-me post and liked it so much.

Aww, thank you for your beautiful reply also. I'm very happy we connected as well :) x
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