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Date: 2017-01-27 10:36 am (UTC)
coeur_de_noir: (Boosh: Melty Heart Curls)
What a gorgeous comment, thank you!

I live in a place where there are a ton of spiders and I agree, exposure lessens the fear a little. They make my skin crawl though! My pal says its because we're reacting against their creepy alien nature and i sometimes wonder if my fear is in part due to the giger-style monsters in Alien, which terrified me as a kid.

I feel like LJ saved me in a way. I was working in Sydney alone for ages and feeling pretty bummed and lonely and then I met all these great people and felt like I belonged to something. I met tons of people through the Boosh fandom and ended up going OS for the 2009 Boosh tour, which is where I met Die and a couple of other people Im still close to. It can be the best <3 Have you met many of your friends list?

Hahaha, I totally know all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby too ;-)

I did my degree in English lit too! What area of interest did you focus on? I did middle english (Chaucer, et al) because I'm a masochist. I dropped out before finishing after realising I didn't want to be a teacher or a professional academic. I wish Id stayed on now tho.

Thanks again for the lovely long comment and so happy we connected ;-) x
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