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Date: 2017-01-22 04:01 pm (UTC)
Lovely. Reading this backs up a feeling I had or that spark I felt from reading your interests in a way. Just a sense that you were more from a place in mind that I find not many others are in my life. So I am very grateful to meet you. I think you may of read my dad is from Malta and my mom's mother from England. I feel more connected to her than my dad in my soul or history.

You mentioned Jim Jarmusch as well and I enjoy his films also, especially the recent Only Lovers Left Alive. I always go back and enjoy his first film though Permanent Vacation now and then. That dance.. ; )

I've had two cats the last 27 years or so but my cat Luna just died suddenly a bit over a year ago and I miss him dearly. Lately I've found that I enjoy seeing when other people share photos of their cats and it has a positive effect instead of sad. I hope to have a cat again one day. I love them so much.

The past 4 years for me have been a bit rough health wise and it took a toll on my reading. I'm just starting to get back to it now and find a bit overwhelmed since I have so many books on the go now. Reading and books has always been one of my top loves, second being writing then I think music.

I am so sexually open and free so its a comfort to read how you live as well. My trouble always seemed to be I found being friends with women worked better than men. Well, I just don't get along with men so well, so would try to build friendships with women. So often though they would seem to turn more sexual and that was always a disaster. I would just be enjoying the friendship, but then they would want more. Its been so hard to find that right balance in any friend. I think I may of found it now. Early days.
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